“February 27 is National TRiO Day” Learning about TRiO Programs With Victor Diaz Galindo

Victor Diaz Galindo

Victor Diaz Galindo is from Sioux City, Iowa. He’s a TRiO alum from the talent search program. He studied linguistics. Now, Victor works at Western Iowa Tech Community College, with TRiO high school students for the Upper Bound program. He helps prepare students from northwest Iowa (rural area) for college thru the financial aid process and they have to meet certain academic rigor requirements.

In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:

05:25 - What is TRiO? 

07:25 - Trio started with the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.

08:44 - Who is eligible for TRiO programs?

09:44 - What services are available for Upper Bound program? 

11:25 What other opportunities can students get from TRiO?

11:53 - Theresa narrates her TRiO stories.

14:38  -  How has life changed for you and the students during COVID-19?

16:45 - Tips and advice for the students.

17:31 - If you could put a message on billboards and families, what would that be?

18:41 - Anything else we should know about TRiO programs?    

20:50 - Fun fact about Victor

21:34 - February 27 is National TRiO Day, please send an email to your legislator to advocate for TRiO.  #TrioWorks

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