The Admission Process With Jamie Newsom

The Admission Process With Jamie Newsome

Jamie Newsome is the Assistant Director of Regional Recruitment and Outreach in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at IUPUI (Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis). She is remotely based in Chicago and is responsible for all nonresident recruitment initiatives for the university. She has been in admissions for about 12 years. 

In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:

03:36 - What are the Admission factors Jamie recommends to students when they start their applications?

05:09 - What are the changes that COVID-19 brings into their plans for prospective students?

07:13 - Virtual options for organizations are possible in summer and also into the fall.

08:30 -If students take the virtual tour they’ll have the chance to see the potential colleges they wish to attend.

09:01 - Tips for the application process to stand out from the others.

10:39 -  Tips in writing essays that Jamie thinks are really helpful for the students.

12:01 - More tips for writing an essay to make it interesting for college admissions counselors.

13:35 - Important things Jamie wishes students would ask early in the process? 

15:14 - What is Jamie doing to stay healthy? What are the things Jamie and her family are doing to stay safe?

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