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Scholarship Momma Interview With Natasha Hamilton

Today, we have Natasha Hamilton. She is an educational advocate and healing justice focus professional with 15 years of program management and program support experience. In this podcast episode:02:40 – Who is Natasha Hamilton?03:25 – Natasha’s post secondary journey06:50 – What is a gap year?09:00 – What are the biggest lessons that Natasha has learned during […]

Candid Conversation with Assata Moore!

Assata Moore

Today’s guest is Assata Moore. She studied at Michigan State University. She started teaching elementary school students when she was a student at Michigan State. Eventually she became a high school principal and was nominated for the Presidential Award Teaching Excellence under President Obama administration. Assata has a strong love for STEM, education, teaching and […]

April is Financial Literacy Month With Michael Benjamin

Financial Literacy With Michael Benjamin

April is Financial Literacy Month. Financial literacy is the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make effective decisions and be informed with all of their financial resources. Especially right now that the world is dealing with Coronavirus which had a major impact on our financial goals and financial circumstances. So, as […]