Students Living a Truly Balanced Life While Achieving Their Goals in School and Life With Rockell Bartoli

“This was an earlier recording while school was still in session”

Rockell is an Author and a Professional Speaker. Rockell's role as a school counselor has allowed her to help teens and young adults identify their career paths.

In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:

04:46 - What are Rockell’s suggestions for the first-generation college students during this pandemic?

06:32 - For first-generation college students what should they be focusing on right now? So they'd be ready to go in the fall?

09:01 - Rockell share’s about the book she wrote and how it could be a good resource and tool for students and undergraduates.   

10:39 - Rockell share’s few examples of how a student succeeds in school with everything that’s happening now especially this COVID-19.

12:02 - Rockell gives tips on how to take care of yourself during this time? 

 12:35 - Rockell’s book talked about the importance of emotional intelligence, how to be aware of your emotions, and being aware of others also. 

 14:47 - Rockell share’s her thoughts on how students succeed in life when something like COVID-19 comes their way?

15:24 - Why and how to create a vision board?

 21:28 -  Being at home as everyone, what is a typical day for a college counselor? 

22:29 - Rockell piece of advice for the listeners?

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Success Habits Book:




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