Scholarship Momma Interview With Natasha Hamilton

Today, we have Natasha Hamilton. She is an educational advocate and healing justice focus professional with 15 years of program management and program support experience. 

In this podcast episode:

02:40 - Who is Natasha Hamilton?

03:25 - Natasha’s post secondary journey

06:50 - What is a gap year?

09:00 - What are the biggest lessons that Natasha has learned during the global pandemic?

11:30 - How does the healing and social justice work of Natasha fit into a more expansive vision of what education can be?

14:00 - What does Natasha want students to know about continuing their education during and after this pandemic?

17:45 - Where does Natasha see spaces of hope and possibility in education?

19:15 - What is Natasha most excited about for young people as they explore their post secondary options?

Follow Natasha Hamilton:
Instagram: @elgriotandareitoproject
YouTube: El Griot & Areito Project

El griot + areito project - El Griot and Areito Project is an intergenerational reading and writing community that centers Caribeño stories of liberation, resistance and joy. To learn more about their work and how they are decolonizing with words and stories, follow them on Instagram @elgriotandareitoproject, like them on FaceBook, and subscribe to their YouTube channel!

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