ACT/SAT Chat With Mr. Kwadjo Glenn

Kwadjo Glenn, is the owner of ACT Prep Chicago, a tutoring company that provides test prep and Mr. Glenn’s Math Tutoring, a company that provides math tutoring to students.

He has received a teacher certification and for 18 years, he has been a highly successful professional educator. 

ACT Prep Chicago has been named one of best test prep companies in Chicago by CBS local and we have several scholarship recipients as alum of our program.

In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:

06:41 - Brief Description of  test optional admissions and scholarships

08:49 - Mr. Glenn  advice for taking standardized exams and details about test optional admissions and scholarships.

11:54 - Mr. Glenn shares some tips if students elect to bypass the ACT/SAT to share with colleges.

13:04 - When should students start preparing for the exam?

17:38 - Mr. Glenn shares the tips and tricks about students' options on submitting their scores.

19:31- When the student decides to take the exam, which exam should the student take?

20:18 - The difference between SAT and ACT.

23:53 - When talking about admissions, what score is needed for admissions?

28:56 - Explain how a student can get a good score.

31:02 - Feedback regarding standardized testing for the African American community?

35:32 - Emphasizes the student’s needs to have a tutor to help them.

39:03 - Mr. Glenn shares  tips for students who like to be successful on the exam.

41:40 - Mr. Glenn shares the results they got with the students.

45:28 -  Mr. Glenn shares his motivation tips for families during this time of COVID.

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