How to Attract Scholarship Money, & Make the Most Of Your Education With Charlene Rhinehart

Charlene Rhinehart

Charlene Rhinehart studied accounting and finance at DePaul University, graduated at 22 without student loans because she did not want to leave college with debt.. Charlene paid off all her student loan debt at 22, became a Certified Public Accountant at 23, and left her dream job to live her dream life at 28. She created platforms such as Career Goddess Academy and Wealthy Women Daily so that individuals can fund their dreams, attract career success and create a lifestyle they love.

In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:

04:27 - What should parents and students know before entering college?

04:54 -  Charlene believes that people should know and understand the cost of education and the return on their investment so that they can maximize it.

05:58 - What skills should students master to help them find their education?

09:00 - Charlene shares the earlier you start the self work process and training, the more prepared you are and the faster you can attract opportunities.

13:50 - Charlene believes that three pieces of your scholarship success pie  will be leadership, community service and academic excellence.

17:00 - Charlene share’s the secret formula on how she paid off her student loan at the age of 22. 

19:07 - Some advice from Charlene “Think about  different organizations that align with your major because all of those organizations can give you scholarships.”

21:30 -  Charlene gives tips on how she applied for scholarships and how important it is to get your essays together and get your letters of recommendations together.

22:59 -  Charlene gives some  great tips for better ideas and some direction in writing your essays.

24:44 -  Things that Charlene wants the listeners to understand before going on to College.

26:20 - How did Charlene keep herself  healthy doing this COVID-19?

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Dividends Are a Queen's Best Friend Book  -

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Charlene Rhinehart Twitter -

IG: @charlenerhinehart

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