Fit To Lead- With Chris Molina

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Chris Molina, is a Marine Corps Veteran. A  Purdue University alumni and a native of Indiana.

He provides students with the leadership traits and principles they need now so they don't become horrible bosses later.

In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:

04:12 - Self-Care Definition 

05:25 - Chris suggestion for students so they can implement and maintain self care.

08:24 - List of strategies for becoming an effective student leader?

09:28 - Why do we need to have a mentor?

11:18 - How do you know that you're a leader?

13:26 - How to become a better leader?

15:26 -  How student leaders and students can stay focused in general? Amidst of everything happening during this pandemic. 

18:54 - What are the benefits of self care?

25:00 - Great example for motivation.

27:37 - Resources for students and student leaders.

30:03 - Why do you need to find a registered dietitian?

32:52 -  Motivational tips Chris would share with students, student leaders and families during this pandemic.


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