April is Financial Literacy Month With Michael Benjamin

Financial Literacy With Michael Benjamin

April is Financial Literacy Month. Financial literacy is the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make effective decisions and be informed with all of their financial resources. Especially right now that the world is dealing with Coronavirus which had a major impact on our financial goals and financial circumstances. So, as a guest on my podcast, today we are with Michael Benjamin to teach us about financial literacy.

In This Podcast:

02:50 – Introducing Michael Benjamin

08:00 – Michael’s definition of financial literacy

09:10 – Securing a better financial future

12:35 – Struggles with budgeting

16:45 – Strategies to save for families

22:25 – How to talk to your teens in terms of financial tactics

28:00 – Financial suggestions for working teens and teen entrepreneurs 

32:10 – How should college students save?

37:20 – Student loans

41:00 – Can a student really borrow a loan?

49:45 – Parents teaching their children about money

53:00 – Credit cards

60:00 – Michael’s tips for families in terms of finances

To get the resources mentioned in the podcast, connect with Michael Benjamin on IG @michobenjamin

Website: https://michaelobenjamin.com

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