November is National Scholarship Month~Scholarship Chat With Dr. Tiffany Gethers

Dr. Tiffany M. Gethers is a wife, and  mother of three beautiful daughters. She is an advocate for scholars everywhere and a  lover of women's empowerment. She loves traveling and spending time with her family. 

 She is Co-Founder and President of The 2Gethers Foundation. The 2Gethers Foundation is a nonprofit organization where their mission is dedicated to empowering first generation students to attain a college degree

In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:

 03:53 - A brief background of how The  2Gethers Foundation started.

06:54 - Why is it so important that scholars apply for scholarships? 

08:08 - Some tips to scholars when applying for scholarships.

08:59 - Why is it important to create a scholarship calendar?

09:13 - How important it is to create a scholarship calendar during your junior year?

10:32 - What are the qualifications to obtain a scholarship from The 2Gethers Foundation?

11:50 - Important characteristic to qualify for The 2Gethers Foundation scholarship.

13:59 - Dr. Gethers shares her favorite story about one of the scholars.

17:19 - Dr. Gethers shares the particular program she did for families that she didn't expect. 

(the outcome just blew her away). 

19:44 - Important information about the scholarships, the organization and its founders. 

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Instagram:   2gethersfoundation

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