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“The Real Deal A Family’s Guide to College”- With Lisa Lyons”

Lisa Lyons

Lisa Lyons is a Chicago Native who has over 15 years of professional experience in higher education. Lisa received her Bachelors and Masters from Western Illinois University and completed specialized training in Appreciative Advising. In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:04:12 –  What inspired you to write this book?07:32 – How did Lisa come up […]

Tax Talks with Tammy Burkley

tammy burkley

Tammy of Burkley of Tax Solutions has been doing taxes for about 12 years now. Tammy started as a tax preparer with H&R Block and now is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. She started out at a major retailer H&R Block, and opened up Burkley Tax Solutions a few years ago. As an Enrolled […]

November is National Scholarship Month~Scholarship Chat With Dr. Tiffany Gethers

Dr. Tiffany M. Gethers is a wife, and  mother of three beautiful daughters. She is an advocate for scholars everywhere and a  lover of women’s empowerment. She loves traveling and spending time with her family.  She is Co-Founder and President of The 2Gethers Foundation. The 2Gethers Foundation is a nonprofit organization where their mission is dedicated […]

Top Career Choices, Leadership and Skills for College Students With Marilyn Gilbert – Mitchell

Marilyn Gilbert - Mitchell

Marilyn Gilbert-Mitchell is a second generation Educator and a lifelong Chicago resident who believes in students pursuing education beyond high school. She blends skills, information and experience from 30 years in Corporate, Higher Education, Culture, and Secondary Education environments  to help students excel.In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:03:51 – What are the top career […]

Fit To Lead- With Chris Molina

Marilyn Gilbert - Mitchell

Chris Molina, is a Marine Corps Veteran. A  Purdue University alumni and a native of Indiana.He provides students with the leadership traits and principles they need now so they don’t become horrible bosses later.In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:04:12 – Self-Care Definition 05:25 – Chris suggestion for students so they can implement and maintain […]

ACT/SAT Chat With Mr. Kwadjo Glenn

Kwadjo Glenn, is the owner of ACT Prep Chicago, a tutoring company that provides test prep and Mr. Glenn’s Math Tutoring, a company that provides math tutoring to students.He has received a teacher certification and for 18 years, he has been a highly successful professional educator. ACT Prep Chicago has been named one of best test […]

Student Loan Default – With Chuck Criss

Chuck is a Warranty Administrator with a major company. As a teenager education has always been a strong standpoint in the household.He believes that education is needed to get you where you want to be in life.In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:03:22 – Brief definition of default.04:15 – Chuck tells us about his […]

“Vision Board Success for College Students” With LaDonna Bracy

“Vision Board Success” With LaDonna Bracy

This week’s podcast I’m interviewing  LaDonna Bracy (MBA), is the  founder of The Vision Board Academy and Vision Board Success for Your Business. LaDonna is a woman of faith who believes that everyone has the power to obtain what they dream about. Her humorous but no-nonsense approach has helped both herself and others succeed at […]

How to Attract Scholarship Money, & Make the Most Of Your Education With Charlene Rhinehart

Charlene Rhinehart

Charlene Rhinehart studied accounting and finance at DePaul University, graduated at 22 without student loans because she did not want to leave college with debt.. Charlene paid off all her student loan debt at 22, became a Certified Public Accountant at 23, and left her dream job to live her dream life at 28. She […]

Students Living a Truly Balanced Life While Achieving Their Goals in School and Life With Rockell Bartoli

“This was an earlier recording while school was still in session”Rockell is an Author and a Professional Speaker. Rockell’s role as a school counselor has allowed her to help teens and young adults identify their career paths.In this episode of Higher Education Advocates Podcast:04:46 – What are Rockell’s suggestions for the first-generation college students during […]