Candid Conversation with Assata Moore!

Assata Moore

Today’s guest is Assata Moore. She studied at Michigan State University. She started teaching elementary school students when she was a student at Michigan State. Eventually she became a high school principal and was nominated for the Presidential Award Teaching Excellence under President Obama administration. Assata has a strong love for STEM, education, teaching and mathematics.

I hope you enjoy this session and you leave here changed because I certainly did!

In today’s podcast episode:

02:25 - Who is Assata Moore?

04:00 - What inspired Assata Moore to have a love for education? (For audiogram)

05:20 - What is Black Math Genius?

06:35 - Is Crypto currency a part of Black Math Genius program?

07:50 - What is Crypto currency?

10:10 - What does Assata think of the future for higher education?

12:00 - What are the advantages of getting a college education?

15:00 - Future majors that can help our youth

16:50 - What can we expect from Assata in the near future?

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