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I teach tips and strategies for youth organizations on how to find scholarships, grants, and how to make smart money decisions. If students follow my tips and strategies they will incur less debt and have more money for the lifestyle college graduates dream of.


Theresa Harris is the owner and founder of Scholarship Momma®. As a scholarship strategist, Theresa works with families to empower and support them while they navigate the world of higher education. Scholarship Momma® focuses on helping the youth of America develop a game plan to complete their college career with less debt. While the primary focus is the youth, each generation can surely benefit from Scholarship Momma®.

Theresa is a mother of three, all of whom earned Bachelors degrees. Her daughter earned a Bachelors degree in Technical Management with a minor in Human Resources Management. Her two sons earned a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Technology and Hospitality Management respectively.

Theresa Harris


The Federal Reserve estimated that the average monthly student loan payment increased from $227 in 2005 to $393 in 2016.


Most college graduates have one major thing in common: student debt. Today, 70 percent of college students graduate with a significant amount of loans. Over 44 million Americans collectively hold nearly $1.6 trillion in student debt. That means that roughly one in four American adults are paying off student loans.


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I provide detailed research for scholarships that closely matches major, academic achievements and/or skill set. 


My Financial Aid Workshop will provide you with financial literacy, finding money for college, FAFSA Preview and how to complete the FAFSA. 


I want to empower our future generation by providing strategies and tips on how to find scholarships to fund higher education. 


As a Financial Aid Expert, I provide strategies for Award letter review, FAFSA questions/issues, and assist with completing the FAFSA. 


Theresa Harris, aka the Scholarship Momma, is a walking resource center with a vibrant energy. I have had her present to my kids multiple times now, and I am continually enthralled by her ability to connect with and relate to my students. The process of searching for and applying for scholarships for teenagers is daunting. 

In most instances, your audience is high school seniors: they have just finished their college applications, they are waiting to hear back from schools with anxiety, and they are trying to balance keeping up their final senior grades, while searching for money to put the pieces of their futures together.

Many of the resources for scholarships out there send students down a rabbit hole of searching that often leads to scholarships they aren't eligible for with deadlines that have already passed. 

Theresa's resources are all up to date, student-friendly in terms of accessibility, and often handy to use both on computers and on phones. She is welcoming and relatable to students and parents and provides multiple suggestions and avenues, making students feel quickly empowered to search and do.

She knows how to read a room, creating a welcoming environment and changing her presentation style to meet the needs of the population, and her communication and follow up with the educational partners is professional, timely, and student-centered. I feel thankful to have her as a resource in my toolkit and highly recommend you do the same.

Zoey Keeney, M.Ed.
College & Career Counselor | Post-Graduate Counselor
Athletic Director | Legal Prep Charter Academy

Scholarship Momma Theresa Harris keeps everyone in the know! If she knows something, everyone else will know it too. Follow her Facebook page and you'll get the latest financial aid and scholarship updates that will help more people avoid some of the biggest debt traps out there.

She shares information about new scholarship opportunities, what you need to know during the financial aid process, and how to manage student loans. What I appreciate about working with Theresa is her passion and energy for helping people navigate one of the most important financial decisions that can impact every piece of their financial journey.

I don't know anyone in the midwest who knows scholarships and financial aid like Theresa Harris does. I had the opportunity to speak on a Women's Wealth panel with her and people wanted more of what she had to offer.

If you get the chance to hear Theresa speak or work with her 1:1, she will make sure you have the information you need to succeed. Working with her is one of the smartest investments you can make if you are considering going to school because one wrong financial move during the educational process can cause you decades of debt.


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Is your organization dedicated to post secondary success? Do you want to empower the youth in your organization to eliminate the idea of funding their college career with student loans and help them learn more about scholarships and grants?  What if your organization could positively impact the quality of life for college students as they transition into adulthood?

I had no idea the money I borrowed years ago to fund my undergraduate degree would impact me now. I had no idea how to make SMART money decisions.  No one told me, and I borrowed thousands of dollars.  As it turns out, borrowing thousands of dollars had a significant impact on my future. I didn’t understand how interest accrued on loans. By the time I graduated, the amount I owed was way more than what I initially borrowed, which caused a great deal of frustration. 

The key to reducing student loans debt is scholarships, grants, and smart money decisions. If this approach is taken, there is less debt and more money for the lifestyle college graduates dream of. College students would be eternally grateful to your organization for assisting them to be financially free.

I’m committed to changing the narrative when it comes to financing higher education and managing debt. Let’s talk about scholarships, grants, and smart money decisions. Why incur debt when there are other options. Less debt translates into more choices. Is your organization ready to make an impact? Ready to help college students be financially free.

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